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Sliders – install any sliders in Joomla CMS


One of the most popular and downloadable extensions for Joomla components are from well-known manufacturer extensions – NoNumber.

Sliders is a unique plugin that helps to put the sliders in the material of your website.
To use the code syntax for inserting sliders is very simple. For this you need to put in tags
[slide=slide Title 1] Some text… [slide=slide Title 2] more text… [/slides]
Slide title 1]
Your text…
The title of the slide 2]
Also you can set the sliders and through the edit panel of the material, because for this purpose there is a special button.
In addition, you have an ability to edit styles, to display the slider.
There are support classes, such as blue, green, orange, red and grey, as well as bootstrap classes: info, success, warning and danger.
Code to implement:
[slide=My Title|myclass]
default|default] default class blue|blue] blue class green|green] green class{/slides]
All the options can be found on the feature page.
The ability to install sliders with links to them, click on the sliders to open.
Creating your own styles to display, and some of them are included in the kit.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.