Today we will learn how to set statuses for ICQ and Skype in Joomla. In order to link your contacts is displayed the right way and people know you are online or not at this point in time, and the desired status of popular programs ICQ and Skype. Proceed directly to the task – set. For this we need a module with the settings of php code inside. My status Now let’s look at the code you entered: My status this code assumes the script where it displays your username in the Skype status in the program. The following script displays the required status of the ICQ program and select the picture that you specified in the code: After the above actions, save the module in the desired position. Get the following picture: You can choose the desired picture and status to Skype If you did everything correctly, and the status is not running (the icon appears gray), then go into the settings of Skype – Tools-options-Security and put a check in the “Show my network status on the web”. After that, reload the page by pressing F5, everything is ready!