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How to change the size and resolution in Photoshop

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Many people still don’t know how to resize file in Adobe Photoshop. Clearly let’s consider this simple editing process and find out how to quickly change the resolution of the file and its physical (virtual) length and width.

Как изменить размер и разрешение файла в Photoshop

To begin, create a new document to make it clearer. To do this, go to the menu item File-New, or press CTRL + N.
After that, we got a dialog box will appear with the choice of parameters. Among them you will find such as choice of measurement (pixels, inches, centimeters, etc.), the size of the width and height of the new document, resolution, color model, etc.
Optimal for editing a file (you print) are: 300 pixels per inch (resolution), width and height at your discretion (original photo size), a color model is RGB, the image background is either transparent or white, etc.
If you change the width, height, image, look at the size of the photo, as when editing the main thing is not quantity but quality. Including the result of your actions will affect the bit depth of the document is 8,16,32 bits. I recommend to start with 8 you can’t go wrong!
As for the background image, then it is better to use transparent. But you can leave it white, since it is easier to work with and always remove it later. Note: the button Save Preset – using this option you can save your size and use it in the future (re-edit of a similar photo).
Click OK and look at the result. I set a transparent background and dimensions the width and height of 800 by 600 pixels, respectively. In addition, I pointed out the resolution of the document – it is 300 pixels per inch. To see the dimensions, you can press on the keyboard ALT + CTRL + I.
Now, when you resize the photo (for example, reduce it to 400 pixels wide), we must choose whether we change the proportions of the document. For these settings is responsible for the paperclip icon next to the dimension values. If it is removed, it is possible to change the document beyond recognition.
If you enlarge the picture, then be sure to follow its size, as Photoshop could simply not handle the new format because of lack of memory.
I changed the document properties and set the value to 300 by 300 pixels, that is, get a square (not Malevich).
Let’s take a real photo and edit it in Photoshop. Now go to the menu Image-Image Size.
Try to adjust the format of a standard A4 sheet. To do this, go to the menu selection fit the picture and choose our format.
You need to pay attention to what photo sizes you can change the percentage, which is very useful for creating action games. For example, if we put the value of 50% in the width field, and take the ratio of the proportions, we get an interesting effect.

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