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How fast and free to create a website on WordPress

создать сайт на WordPress

Today, anyone can make a website in a relatively short amount of time and without deep knowledge in the field of web development. You can just use a ready engine (CMS), of which there are many.
One of the most popular of the free engines is WordPress. On the basis of possible easily create a blog or a web resource of any other type (including the online store). If desired, you can create a WordPress site of any complexity. This is possible due to extensibility of the CMS with plugins, many of which are available completely free.

создать сайт на WordPress

создать сайт на WordPress

How to make a WordPress site on your computer
To make a website on WordPress directly on your computer. For these purposes will need two things: a set of applications to XAMPP, and the files with the CMS. The is a free download from their official sites.
The most difficult task is to configure the environment for the future of the site in XAMPP is a set of applications (Apache, MySQL, etc.) for web applications. After it downloaded and installed, you will need to run it and enable it for Apache and MySQL. To do this, click on the buttons, which are opposite the respective items in the Control Panel program.

Now we need to create a database that will store information (usernames and passwords, articles, tags, etc.) : WordPress:. For this next MySQL in Control Panel, click on the Admin button, then the browser will open a page with phpMyAdmin. There is need to do the following:

go to the masonry “Database” where field “Create database” enter WPDB and click on the “Create”;
go to the tab “Preferences” click on the “Add new user” and enter username and password, and then press Enter;
close the phpMyAdmin tab in the browser.

Now you need to download WordPress from the site and unpack the resulting archive into the folder C:xampphtdocs. Then you need to open the browser and enter localhost/wordpress. The page will be loaded where you need to specify details for the database access (login, password and location). After that just press “Forward” – “Start installation” and then enter information about your website (title, description, etc.).
Here’s how to create a website for free on your computer. There is only one caveat – developed resource no one except you will not see. To be available to all Internet users, it is necessary to publish to the hosting.

Installing WordPress on hosting
You can create a website on your local computer and then transfer it to the hosting, but it is difficult. Better to make a resource from the remote server and on a local (on your computer) it’s safe to experiment.
Creation of WordPress site hosting – the task much more simple than the installation of the engine in XAMPP. Most hosting providers offer automatic installation of CMS in two clicks. Just go to control panel service, choose WordPress and confirm the action. A minute later, the eMail received an email, which will contain details for access to the site.