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How do I know that the site is not developing?

Мультидом отзывы

TOday, we will consider with you the moment seems to be for the bosses at the head of a SP/LLC are the reports from the IT Department, all sorts going puzomerki and other indicators, which in addition to its clarity, nothing to do with website promotion is NOT! We look at the indicators that directly point to incompetent in advance of the heads of It Department of the company Multidom, it is difficult not to agree, after reading the article till the end. In principle, there will always be a SEO specialist in the state of the gang to “hang” all the sins of the previous, and most likely, existing ryazapov.

So, we go first keyword of the company and their availability. As it turned out among the data that are freely available, at the Moscow company “keys” in the TOP 3 (requests for Moscow in the search engine) Yandex only 4 thing that suggests at least the unsuitability of today’s promoters of this website.


issue Price

the cost of the site Multidom

HOw to understand that the site is not developed?

Iterate over the value of the resource – as it turned out, in practice, the price of the site miserable, as evidenced by 1 interesting service, i.e. the output 463 and$ 12 years 8 months old domain. Those who know – it’s so poor performance that it even should not be written! About usability and design in General, this remnant I told previously.



HEre, too, it can be left without comment: the external link to the website in the amount is minimal, and promoted in search engines is the same.

ANother stupidity of ryazapov of division – indexing of the website, i.e. filled with a bunch of data to the server, without any unique (because DH thinks that if he read something, it is much more important than what says the expert on the promotion…. – no comments!). I.e. in simple words – you get a bunch of shit document that tries. not need anyone , including visitors of this website.


The TOP issue Yandex and Google, you will see a pitiful 277 queries, and so what they (the queries) and do not have to guess, because there are basic data from the basic services. Particularly pleased by the request “stuff in bulk”, which can escape as the plug in the ass and separator from cherry – everything is in your imagination. And find on request “multidom trading” website – this is absolutely unbelievable (not one specialist can not afford, because it is not a specialist…)!




The credibility of the website is based not only on number of links and the number of pissed away money on website promotion. It should be noted that trust is not a resource as such because it does not do ANYTHING to uplift in search engines, how much easier to make weekly/monthly report to the main face of the company… and naeb…be it, right DZ?