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How to create a website in HTML without any knowledge of programming language (Wix)


If You have visited this page, it means You are interested in information about how to create a website in HTML without any knowledge of programming language. Many beginning web designers think that it is a long and complicated process. The information contained in this article will show that this view is mistaken. So read it to the end.

The creation of a site using markup language
To create a simple site requires knowledge of simple language HTML, which a browser uses to render page elements. In order for the browser “understand” that he’s dealing with a HTML document requires a special entry – ““,as well as the tag . Each page element has its own tag. For example, to create the list, use the tag


    to add a picture – . To create a block of elements it is necessary to use the opening (

    ) and closing (

    ) tags.

    A simple HTML document has the following structure: tags, between which there are blocks. In the first block indicative some service information that helps the browser to connect the required components (e.g. scripts, stylesheets), specify the header – title, keywords, and other information. To dwell on this is not worth it. In the space between the body tags should be all content that will be displayed on the page.

    According to the principle described above, you can create a simple page. For this you need to create a simple text file, make it an HTML document to add items to the “body” of the document (body) and save the file with the name “index.html”. So will change the file extension from “.txt” with “.html”, and you can open it in a web browser to see what You get.

    Most likely, the result does not satisfy You, because the page looks too simple and almost useless. Many developers for creating blogs, online stores, different online services using their knowledge of programming languages and design skills, as modern customers require a full-fledged multifunctional online services can solve many problems. And to create such websites only HTML is not enough. However, the Internet began to appear a variety of online designers, allows you to easily create fully functional websites. Consider one of them.

    Powerful website Builder Wix
    Despite the fact that to develop the technology needed to create sites that required too much time and effort, many of us are too busy or have no desire to learn. But thanks to a special online services anyone is able to create a website for free without any effort. You literally need to make a few clicks and the site is ready for use. Do not need knowledge of php, mysql, design skills and even the ability to create HTML documents.

    One of the most popular designers today is :Wix:. Website creation is in a few simple steps:

    Go through a simple registration process or login using your account with one of the social networks.
    To choose a template for your future site or creating your own. All manipulations are performed in visual mode, which makes the site creation process as simple as possible and intuitive.
    To come up with a unique name for the website, fill it with content.
    Completion of the site and launch.

    As you can see, everything is done simply, quickly and most importantly free. If in the process of working with the designer have any questions, you can view video tutorials on working with them or to read training materials on the Internet quite a lot.


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