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Every day is created not just one, but several hundred/thousand sites on the planet, so their influence on our daily lives becomes more apparent. We now describe how to create a website on their own and totally free, applying this knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP and other technicalities of webstore various resources. So you want to make your own website but don’t know where to start? Read on – this process is not so difficult…
создать сайт бесплатно

Is it possible to create a website for free
Is it possible to create a website for free, and how easy it is to do it from scratch with minimal skills and knowledge?
Modern technologies and tools allow you to implement this solution without major investments, and in some cases – in their absence. Before you go on to create, you should decide what kind of website you plan to write and to run. The purposes for which it is intended by the user. The answer to these questions will depend on the choice of the method of creation of the project.

Types of sites
1. Goals. This commercial portals needed to their owner in order to make money, to profit. For example, online shops, online business, work online. Non-profit projects, established for the purpose of communication and publications. This is a small blogs, thematic forums, etc. They can also bring a small income, for example, placed contextual advertising. There is a “semi-commercial” portals, the purpose of which – providing of search traffic, storage, other, commercial websites, user. For the second and third you can create a website even with a zero investment, commercial preferably placed on paid sites, they are more reliable, ensure efficient allocation of resources, better protected and faster work.
2. The types, characteristics of display information. This is a static resources, the writing of which involves the creation of a unchanging html pages (text, pictures, links). To update the information on them, enough to manually make the necessary changes in code. They require a minimum of functionality, to create their own free really for the beginner. Dynamic resources, on the contrary, require prior (to display in the browser) server-side processing. For them it is better to purchase paid hosting, providing operational stable operation.

Creating a useful resource
Having defined the tasks and goals, you can go to the option of creating the project.

Step by step guide will allow you to create a free site yourself from scratch or do it for almost free (not considering the few dollars spent to hire virtual hosting).

Method 1
1. Studying thematic literature (the programming languages such as (HTML, databases, engines).
2. To develop the design.
3. To write a layout resource, to identify the modules.
4. To make a layout, a WEB Toolkit.
5. As a hosting you can use a regular home server, thus, it should always provide access to the portal, that is, to be included in the network.
This is quite a complex method, but allows you to become a professional and create unique projects.

Method 2
1. Find on specialized resources, a turnkey solution – a website Builder.
2. To register for the service, select the desired template.
3. Using descriptions, screenshots, to fill the site with their own information (photos, videos, texts).
4. As a bonus this solution is the provision of free domain and hosting.
Cons – domains offer for free are the third level and are ranked by the search engines in the low ranking position. Hosting is not of the highest quality, the landlord may advertise on the website user.
You can fix this by selecting paid hosting and paying for a second level domain. The total amount of investments will make about 100-300 rubles.