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Simple Spotlight – scroll through images with the navigation in Joomla

Simple Spotlight

Simple Spotlight is a module to scroll through your images, which can be controlled with the navigation in Joomla.
Simple Spotlight

A very useful extension for those who want to draw attention to your products, services, etc.
Used this popular support to the script library like jQuery. You can set up to 20 images and links to them.
In addition, there is the option of customizing special effects for transitions between slides, and 5 styles of buttons and shadows.
Effects can be included in the order scatter, which will give a certain ease of use.
The use of caching will reduce the load on the server, where will be located the image.
The ability to install up to 20 photos and links to them.
Caching, using scripts and additional effects.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.


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