Script for RoboTask – Simple Loop (loops)

Today we are going to produce a standard cycle in the RoboTask. Using the function Simple Loop you will be able not only to set the desired values but also to produce various manipulations with them. Described in more detail the technique of execution of the loop in the example with a value that may change dynamically. So let’s look at an example where we will insert the desired value into the input field and it will be repeated just as many times.
Скрипт для RoboTask - Simple Loop

The essence of this action will be the following:
We set the necessary value into the input field.
A simple loop would enable operation inside it so that instead of 1 row with the cells in HTML format we saw we need the number of rows.
To begin with, set the input box for our values. It will be determined by how many times the loop should be played.

It should be noted that you can show in the display window you can enter your own comments. For example, I use specific clues (not to forget about anything at all, when you turn on the hot-keys).
Next, we set the value, or rather what is the name of our variable – NUMBERSTROKE. Note that all variables it is better to write in capital letters!
Now take out menu plugin – Simple Loop, which indicates RoboTask how many times you need to use the same script.
In our case this will be the value that we will enter in the input field. This can be any value – a digit, and will begin with one. Put the value of the variable in the GOOD.
Then we set a variable that will take the value from the clipboard. This action is used in almost all the actions of this programme, so experiment with it as much as possible.
We will take the values of local variables, which means that the system will not be loaded if we remove them at the end of the operation. In this example, the value will be a string in HTML format, which we will create using these variables. Our line consists of 4 cells, and they are enclosed in special tags. First let’s create a new variable with the value of the cell and call its TD3. It will be a 1-cell 4 is possible.
The remaining cells are similarly, and call them the TD4, TD7, TD8. Of course, you can name them differently.
Well, of course, create the string. Please note that the value string contains data from the newly created cells.
After the above steps, turn to data processing. In this case, we need to put instead of the value of the clipboard to our string + the value of the transition line to the next, as if we don’t deliver, then the data will look not very nice.
Thus, we set the value of the row – TR and the sign of the transition to another line and call the variable TRGOOD.
To automatically insert already processed data, we need to use the paste from clipboard, in which we apply the newly introduced variable TRGOOD.
Well, finally, you can specify hot keys for quick operation access. For example, I set the keys that you see in the picture below.

Скрипт для RoboTask - Simple Loop