Ночной режим / Night mode

SimpleLists is a special feature that allows you to set and display lists of any type and any size. This list might look like listing any objects that are viewed in a hierarchy of files, etc. Each item in this list has a title, text and image. It is also possible to use the lists as a portfolio, list of logos, a page of questions and answers, just the blog page and much more.

This extension comes with different kind of display a regular table, using tags and images.Each of the lists can be configured so that the section “Parameter” belonged to the corresponding menu item (in menu Manager). Some webmasters use component for graphical effects.
SimpleLists is free to use and offers very advanced features. For example, there are: the creation of individual items to list, create categories and changing them, etc.
You can add as many lists as you want, so you don’t have to worry about having to look for third-party extensions.
You can also change the appearance of lists, simply by changing the level of access, It is very convenient for multi-level systems of content.
Upload photos that will help you to find and select items, and add links.
Looks like setting up one of the items for the list – it’s very similar to editing regular material Joomla.
It is very convenient to save the list, because it is in the intelligent mode.
As you can see in the figure, each of the lists can be correlated to a particular item, article, list, image, etc.
There are separate plugins for a list of available tags, etc.
Create a separate menu, attach them to the lists and put them where you want!
The ability to install different types of lists.
Convenient and user-friendly settings Manager.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.