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Simple Bootstrap Integration – easy integration of Bootstrap in Joomla

Simple Bootstrap Integration

Simple Bootstrap Integration – a simple Bootstrap integration component in Joomla CMS. What is Bootstrap can be read on the page.
Simple Bootstrap Integration

Now you know what you can do with a given set of components, but do not know where to start? Then you will come to the aid extension, which allows you not understanding the deep code settings of the system, to install CMS Joomla, Twitter Bootstrap.
Simple Bootstrap Integration introduces the basic toolsets included in this component, and will also disable them if you wish.
After you have installed the Simple Bootstrap Integration, go to its settings and downloaded the necessary elements.
Then you can proceed to work, after analyzing a special syntax that is used in this component.
Enable the implementation of a component without knowledge of programming languages.
Support for all major plugins work in Joomla.
The ability to delete plugins without affecting the code component.


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