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штурмовик звездных войн

Stormtrooper — elite soldiers of the galactic Empire. Imperial Stormtroopers created as units for first strike and support connections of the Imperial Army and Navy in critical combat situations. Well drilled and unconditionally loyal to the Emperor, Stormtroopers following orders without hesitation and without thinking about his own life. These dark faceless soldiers ruthlessly turn the full power of their training and weapons to anyone who goes against the Empire. Equipped with a very precise and powerful weapons and equipment, they are the most reliable and efficient military units of the Imperial Forces and the most formidable enemies of the Alliance. In some cases of stormtroopers, stormtroopers existed regardless of the Imperial army, Imperial Navy and Starfighter corps. The members of the special forces of the rebel Alliance used several names for the storm troopers: “bald”, “Plastic soldiers” and “the snowmen”. Another slang name was “white boys”. Initially most of the stormtroopers were clone soldiers, and later by people trained in the Imperial Academy.