Found a great extension for displaying tags in Joomla, it is called Showtags. the Purpose of this plugin is to keywords of the article should appear in a certain place, e.g. at the beginning or end of the material. Features of this extension are: show tags before and/or after articles the choice of the child tag p/nav formatting tags in the word list/disordered view of tags in category and/or article possibility of use of own CSS style languages: English, Spanish, German category filter: show tags only in articles of specified categories is able to generate a field $article- > showtags instead of showing tags to improve the content compatible with Aixeena Taxonomy System (as a replacement for the plugin “Content – Tags”)  to install the extension, you need to download the plugin, upload in Joomla, find in the plugin Manager single with the title “Content – Showtags” and configure at will.   plugin

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