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Shooting in the rain – photography in detail

Photographers often do not like to take pictures in the rain and in damp conditions not only due to the fact that turn out bad shots, but due to the fact that in these conditions increases the risk of wet and spoil your expensive equipment, and it is for a photographer earning at least.

Съемка под дождем

However, today we announced the most popular techniques which are used during rainy weather and will help photographers to rethink the approach to photography, because in the rain you can make just great pictures that will undoubtedly become a work of art with the right approach.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is rain drops – they just transform the space around and make it much more attractive.

The second rule is the composition, and then you can find that at “normal” weather, you obviously miss, so look around and find exactly the angle, which one attracts you the most.

Third, what I would like to draw your attention to is the reflection in the water after or during rain. Most of them, of course, on the streets of the big city where crowds of people are always rushing somewhere. In addition, in the evening you can try shooting the night lights on the water – they will give you the highlights.

You can take pictures of streets, parks, houses, etc. in the rain, where a few people – so you will take them in the form in which I’ve never seen before and emphasize their individuality. Even an ordinary deserted street looks completely different than in the sun and a weekday.

With regard to lighting solutions, there is, of course, an attractive target for shooting will be the lightning. Be careful when photographing lightning, as there is a risk of losing not only the camera, but everything else…

Many photographers and their clients love black and white pictures, and Cheka the rain could not be more suitable for this purpose, so try to highlight the bright colors and muted gray.

Mainly at night time it is possible to allocate, on the contrary, the most vivid colors, and display them on your photo. It can become big city lights, light cars, etc. – it all depends on your imagination.

Very interesting effects are obtained not during the process of rain, and at the beginning or the end. So nice photo with a creative approach.

Use an umbrella as an element of your composition, because in this case, almost every shot looks more solid. You can darken the sky with the help of umbrella and also use a wide angle lens and make an interesting composition, removing the top or bottom.

To your camera is not wet and you could keep shooting, use of special protective mechanisms that are already available and sold in the accompanying sections of the online stores of photo equipment.

Backlight the rain is a special effect that is directed to the use of light that passes through drops of rain. You can use external light sources – important not to overdo it and not to light frames.

Flash photography – it will take a lot of time using this technique, but when you apply it you will be able to obtain very interesting effects.

Wildlife – one of the sources of inspiration for the photographer when it is in such conditions, therefore, find and experiment!

In addition to the shooting on the street you can take and beyond, for example, at home. Look very nice paintings with landscapes of rain drops on the glass. These rain drops can be removed and in macro mode – you will get a spectacular picture.

And finally, children are our source of inspiration number one – they rejoice in the rain, and with them we when you look at the pictures.