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Shit freelance (Kwork) or how not to make money in Russia

Кворк - биржа фриланса

I decided to write about the painful – about shitty freelance exchanges in Russia, as in principle, the entire service in this country-poor and one-faced… But we need to somehow argue what was said, do you agree with this? Then we proceed to the analysis of < strong>Quark< / strong> – another exchange that exists due to the work of people, i.e. them.I do nothing more than create a website and promote it a little again at the expense of other people…

Register on the site-the task-a couple of fingers oboss…now you can make your own quorks or search for performers for 500 rubles. If you are a buyer, then you are more fortunate (the service treats you with more respect + 1 than to performers, which includes -1 or pohuist…chesky!). I will explain on a simple example: you are trying to find a client for a certain task, which you specify in your so-called “quorke”, and with 500 rubles you get only 400 rubles (100 rubles takes the service as given, doing nothing!). Then you can wait for months – no one will come to you, because buyers, ie customers are spoiled, and think that they will be lined up for 500 rubles from those who want to take the order, which in the Agency costs 5000 rubles. And, do you think there is a queue of suckers? YES! Only rather not from suckers, and from school children and inept students (why so-Yes very simply, clients who respond to your offers already had experience with such suckers who either do not know how to do something, or do it through an ass!).
Unfortunately, the service supports both these suckers who are willing to do tasks that are 10 times more expensive, for a minimum cost + take a tribute from them. I do not understand how you can negotiate with a person in the amount of 5000 R for a long time order, and then from 5000 R. get 4000 R.< / strong> (after all Quark < / strong> takes < strong>1000 R.< / strong> from this order! “what for?”).

How so?

You will say-many freelance exchanges take a Commission-Yes, it is. But there are nuances – where you want to deal with gobeklitepe, but somewhere there. Very much in detail about this dibilizme from Quark can be read here –
And it would be fine if only the performers were dissatisfied with the service, but also to customers (even stupid – who think about the level of good services for 500 rubles…) this quark is already quite tired. Let me explain why: each customer wants to get the perfect version of the fulfillment of desires (there are sooo many!), in the end, the student takes the task and performs it through the ass! He sees the so-called Dolby…b (Sori-customer)? That’s right – govoruchina. And the client in the future does not even come to mind to increase the price of solving the problem, he only looks for the next suckers to perform tasks for 5000 rubles.! That, in principle, says about bottom (about one)…
So, you wanted to sell your services, however, what do you need to know about the exchange Hvork?
You are a slave, and must perform additional client services for free! (this is spelled out in the rules of Hwork – and this is no joke);
You-no one, because you have to take the task and all, period (POH. that the task and TK are written through the ass and have nothing to do with your quark…)!;
You must quark and the client to pass the task on time, even if the client asks to perform additional corrections, some additional chips (which, of course, is included in the standard task execution time).
< h3>Results

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