ShareX – a program for taking screenshots on the PC

ShareX - программа для взятия скриншотов

It has long enjoyed a program that captures screenshots of the screen and puts them in the clipboard, but this program like ShareX saw for the first time, which can do with your screenshots, everything. Take a closer look at the main features in this article and examine the advantages in comparison with analogues.
So, what is the program for removal of screenshots?
Firstly, now you can not only draw the image but also to add some great effects, for example, add a drop shadow, watermark, reflection, and more.
All parameters are configurable, such as background color, title, width, and height of objects, etc.
In addition, variables are supported for saving your files and directories.
If necessary, there is verification of Hash.
There is support for additional options such as color picker (eyedropper), its code and copy it to the clipboard.
With regard to adding the screenshots from the monitor screen, you can choose: the program window or application, a rectangle, capture an entire screen, region free, etc. Everything is left to chance, so use ShareX is very convenient.
In addition to the above features of the program, you can use special utilities. For example, to send files to a server or photo sharing site (there is support major popular photohosting such as Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket), applied to images, links and copy them automatically to the clipboard after uploading to the server. Has support for link shortening via specialized services such as, Google and others.
Once you have made a screenshot of your screen, you will have the file description and preview image. Here you can see the file size, its format (which you can pre-set in the program preferences), as well as the speed and other parameters.
If you like to just throw the files into the program window, then such option exists.
In history download files you can view all entries and select the files you want to delete.
If you want you can upload your photos through FTP and send the results by e-mail. Program parameters are so many that they cannot be described in one review.
Settings are divided into tabs, so choose them to be convenient and easy.
This is not all the functions of this program for taking screenshots of your monitor screen, and most importantly – it is completely FREE!!!


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