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ShareThis plugin and module to create the social buttons in Joomla


One of the remarkable extension is a plugin and a module called ShareThis in Joomla. It is intended to create social bookmarking and management.

ShareThis provides plugin and a module for Joomla versions 1.5, 1.6. This extension will help you to choose ShareThis widget 4.x and 5.x..
Webmasters can choose from the following styles of buttons:
Large icons
Horizontal counter
Vertical counter
Normal buttons
A normal button without text
If you suddenly want to configure the component manually, it’s easy to do.
First we need to choose a system that will continue to set the code. For example, it will be of any website.
Next you must set the display style for the future buttons.
And finally, to get the code to put into the system.
When you select the left or right, you have the opportunity to create the buttons that will be displayed on it, or later change the code manually.
I suggest you take the code for all sites and not the plugin and the module, as in this case, you can change the buttons at any time, not to choose from the standard set. In addition, in the conventional embodiment, when the module is selected, you will not be able to configure all the options.