The social aspect of website promotion is affected by many factors, therefore, those who promote sites in the network, it is useful to know about the plugin called ShareThisBar. What can this extension and how it may be useful to the end user? Let’s start with what is actually this plugin. Left or right of your main window content panel appears with social bookmarking, more specifically, social media buttons such as facebook, google+, twitter, linkedin, pinterest. Component settings are impressive with their functions, there are many different options and check boxes. Let’s consider them in more detail. So, Bar position – sets the position of the panel. Write left or right, depending on preference. Bar Width – write here the width, and then Bar Height  tall. The following settings are for adjusting the position of the side slider: Bar Top position Correction Bar Bottom position Correction Bar Left position Correction Right Bar position Correction Minimum screen resolution to show the bar Now go to the display settings panel: Bar Background Color – specify the color of the background, Bar Border – stroke Bar Shadow shadow, Border Radius – radius of the stroke  Show Spread the Word text here you can determine which words will be shown in the panel. Spread the Word picture Further, there are options that are responsible for the effects, the time appears on the screen, a reference to the module’s author, etc. Delay ShareThisBar appearance Allow effects Transition effects ShareThisBar link Google Analytics for Social Buttons P. S. When you hover over the settings menu you can read the hints for each specific item.  plugin