In my opinion Share42 is a service, which is one of the most stable and highly customizable component for any website, including Joomla. In order to install social bookmarks on your site you need to Visit the page and select the required icons social.networks, their size, and the display order. Next, save the configuration, if desired, for later use, and select the desired parameters, such as encoding type (horizontal or vertical), the script. Click on the button “download the finished script” and installed on your website. The above snapshot shows a number of further actions to install the code on the website. The benefits of Beautiful icons. All icons are made in the same style and look beautiful. Small size. Script code is as optimized as possible. Besides, it is cached by the browser, allowing for faster re-loading. Easy to install. Downloaded the script, uploaded to a website connected to the website. No extra links. All the links are displayed using JavaScript, so when you install the script the number of outbound links on your website will not increase. No extra HTML code. In the site template added just two lines of code and the entire HTML code of the buttons is generated with JavaScript. Without references to third-party sites (exception – if you enable the option display counters, it is a request to the websites of the respective services). There are situations when the website opens for a long time due to the fact that the script connects from another site. The installation script on your website to avoid it. You can connect to almost any website. The script is universal, will work on any type of site that has FTP access. Use only one image (sprite). This reduces the number of requests to the server where your site is. You choose the icons of social services that will be displayed on your website. Ytwaa5qKL-I tools