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Сетл Сити (Setl City) wanted to spit!

Setl City

Setl city wanted to spit on owners of homes sold! It’s simple: after receiving the money, she doesn’t care what will happen to those who need support. We are talking about incapacitated persons who receive a salary is unknown for some neopredelennoi work. Then read in more detail… on warranty Department, located at: D. Kudrovo, the European prospect, 8!


So, the essence of the claim consists of the following:
I wrote a statement in the warranty Department of the company “Setl city” on the replacement door handles and stuff, ATTENTION!, 02 November 2017!
Today, write a post, 31 January 2018! years! ie it’s been almost 3 months after writing the statement – nothing has changed. In addition, these “…Ki” from the warranty Department is still not called, and answering the phone as follows: “We are working on your application…”. You have..bans just do not work, but even pretending to work!
Even a letter to the organization itself didn’t solve anything, never even any response from them, although he wrote about the inaction of the Bureau for more than a month ago…
Draw your own conclusions when you buy homes from Setl City: the money is there – they want you as a fucking pen in the door to change, so from them no call, no the handle. Don’t even bother with any “excuse” to write…
Below I attach the text of the complaint sent to the address:


The essence of the claim on quality of customer service:
I. ,.. the owner of the apartment at … in Kudrovo, has been faced with inadequate behavior of your employees that serve our homes and are in the room warranty Department.
Leave application by writing the written application to the warranty Department for more than 1 month ago (about a month and a half has passed since application) regarding improper quality door handles in the apartment, and a broken handle on the window.
After waiting about 2-3 weeks (after the promised warranty Department 2 weeks), called again on the phone: 6771427 to find out that my application, which was not even drawn up an incoming number….(this feature as far as I know, there is in any self-respecting organization…). The result was another of my explanation on the phone, what’s wrong with the door handles (around minute 20), spending their own money on the phone, and the promise of the warranty Department to fix the flaws in the next week, etc.
This process, calling the warranty Department, and the regular excuses I finally got (especially today – 12.12.17, when the woman from the warranty Department said that he FIRST heard about my problem!!!), resulting in asking to thoroughly investigate the situation and punish the guilty IN WRITTEN FORM!!! and send me an email: …

P. S. Incoming number I still learned in January…