Session Keeper – save session in Joomla


Session Keeper is a plugin that helps to inform the user about the end of the session on the website, so he (the visitor of the project) don’t have any time to think if he kept the data or not. Each of us knows how tiring and annoying to log out randomly, so it is important to know when the session will end, to make the data preserved.

Session Keeper


Session Keeper

Session Keeper to cope with this task and allows the resource administrator to specify what user groups will automatically renew the session. Unlike similar extensions that use strange tests to determine the administrator of the site, this plugin uses the methods of the activity session.
You can supply a comma-separated list of user group by its ID identifier. Also allowed to select from a list of those groups that will be needed to extend the session.
You ask, what about other users?
An additional feature of this plugin is a message notification (popup window with time counter), which appears before the end of the session. It will allow the user to update the session without reloading the page. The user may refuse to renew the session – in this case, it will end normally. After the session is completed, the user will receive a notification that the session has expired.
The possibility of the end of the session.
The user does not need to reload the page.
A great solution for site administrators.