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How to make a SERP using ZennoPoster – checks rankings for specific keywords, will be discussed in today’s article. The material is divided into parts for convenience, since it will be voluminous, and should be read not all at once, but gradually, thinking into the meaning of words and making parallel conclusions.

Note: the search results Page (eng. Search engine results page, SERP) search results or is a web page that is generated by the search engine in response to the user’s search query.
Part 1. Preparation of the basic actions for creating scripts
Continuing the theme :portfolio: only now will evaluate automatic action using a cool program ZennoPoster.

So many webmasters and administrators of websites :SEO-SEOs, etc. have to check the positions of their projects in the search engines for that particular keyword. Of course, in the TOP 10 get hard, but now not about it…
We have to create a fully working script, or several of them to run the program :Run: and enjoy the result. The final version will be a table with cells: Search, Key, Position, Reference, Frequency and date.

To use this solution, you just will need a tool called “XCRUD”. What is it?

“XCRUD” is a set of PHP scripts and a mixture of HTML, CSS code, which together can be arranged to display information about your tables on the server from the database. Why is it necessary?
First, storing data in databases is economically advantageous and easy (with some skill). And secondly, change them or sort, whether only through a special program, or…

So download and buy the script or the link or searching in Yandex another option (I recommend to use the official version, anyhow not to be hacked by hackers and other evil spirits).
Next, we need to further the work of the program itself ZennoPoster. The solution is not cheap I must say, but it’s worth it – you cannot imagine how much time writing code and fix it it saves, and the possibilities are almost endless…
Now about hosting that will accommodate your database. Here you can see the ranking of the hosting providers, which I wrote earlier.
Prior actions and results

Prepare server and hosting choose a reliable service provider and create database, where we store the SERP results.
Download and unpack the archive with “XCRUD” to your server’s root folder (for a detailed description of the installation you will find in the folder with the scripts).
Create a new script/action to Run: and call it, for example, SERP_site.com where site.com is the url of your project.

In the following articles we will discuss more details on the implementation of scripts on a server, writing code in “XCRUD” system and we will devote a separate material creation action ZennoPoster. All of this mixture of scripts and be a complete SERP solution.

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