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How to make a SERP using ZennoPoster, part 3 – script Zenno

SERP через ZennoPoster

In the last tutorial I told how to run his own scripts and put them on the server. Now came the turn to finish this topic and make a script :ZennoPoster:, which will allow not only to determine the right keywords and get the data from search engines, but also to make the result into a prepared database.

SERP через ZennoPoster

The structure of the script
First look at the structure of the files in the folder:

In the file “keywords.txt” stored the necessary keywords to promote the site, and the domain prescribed in the input project settings Zenno. The fields specify the required values (here we use API yandex. xml).

The action ZennoPoster consists of the following parts:

Region selection for parsing
Remove duplicates in a file with keys
Obtaining the first key (hereinafter it is removed)
Request via Yandex XML API to quickly retrieve data from the search for a given “key”
Getting and editing data for database tables
Entering data into a database table

After all the manipulations, the output is a convenient table that can be edited: to delete rows, see information on them, edit the values.

Now one of the main points, the frequency of Yandex, is taken from a separate table and must be created separately.

The results

This script SERP using ZennoPoster allows you to:

Not pay the time for the test positions online services
To check yourself through the program ZennoPoster or in automatic mode to specify the interval of such checks
To know the frequency of each keyword (is this only if you have added a new “key”)

Total: you got a script that in a given period of time determines the position of your website for specific keywords in the search engine Yandex, through its API. In addition, you have a handy table, where the data can always be viewed and the data stored on the server in its own database, to which there is access only to you (unlike similar online services). Nothing ever good services, which allow to accurately determine the frequency is the main advantage of the script!

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