SERP Parser – program to check keywords in the search

SERP Parser

SERP Parser is a great tool for analyzing your traffic and for testing keywords in search engines Yandex, Google and others.
With this tool you can not only check for required queries the position of your project, but also to make the schedule changes to allocate ad competitors and more. More SERP Parser will consider in this article.
SERP Parser

So, competitors are not asleep, so it’s important to know them in person, or at least the queries on which they promote their resources.
What you can do with this app?
You can set keywords for your site and analyze the UPS and downs on them. Very convenient to draw graphs by days, weeks, etc. that will give you more information on your positions.
In addition, Yandex is not limited to the program, you will easily be able to check in other search engines such as Google, and others.
In addition options are available to you Yandex Metrika and Yandex direct, i.e. you can set the resolution for the program to subsequently read the data and kept a diary for him.
The main “feature” is the multi-threading of queries, i.e. you don’t need to manipulate, and to trust their SERP Parser.
Of course, there are analogues for this type of keyword queries, but this program offers a full range of opportunities for analysis and management of data which you can then take only the necessary information. Very convenient to save in Excel format.
In the program settings, you can immediately check the definition of positions through the popular recognition system.
In the column “number of threads” recommend not to put great importance – otherwise you’ll just lose money on account of antigate.
If you just need to look at the development trend of key words as a percentage, by default this tab opens automatically when you start the program. So you can quickly keep track of what queries have been improved and which are “dipped”.
To transfer the program to another computer, use the instructions:
Lite and Base edition store the project file in the user directory
for Win7 it’s:
“C:Users[user Name]AppDataRoamingSERP Parser [Lite or Base]application_data”.
for Windows XP:
“C:Documents and Settings[username]Application DataSERP Parser [Lite or Base]application_data”
“application_data” this is the project file, copy it to another computer in the same directory.
Program settings are in the registry: