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Seosprint + ZennoPoster = automation and monetization

Been trying to get to the script for the automation project Seosprint, and finally did. Now you can put in the program :ZennoPoster: in the Manager of tasks the frequency of running the script and it will automatically start to collect tribute from the service.

В чем суть сайта с одноименным названием?

Вы периодически заглядываете на проект, смотрите рекламу в своем браузере/решаете задачи/тестируете приложения и т.п., и за эти действия получаете скромный заработок в виде нескольких копеек или рублей. Все достаточно просто и лаконично!

What is the website of the same name?
You periodically look at the project, see the is your browser/solve the problem/test the application, etc., and these actions get modest earnings in the form of a few kopecks or rubles. Everything is quite simple and simple!
How can this be achieved?
Actually not so difficult as it seems. First, you need to determine what to solve the captcha service and then to create actions in ZennoPoster that will perform certain operations in the browser.
So the first captcha go around using the saved profile and put a checkmark in all possible points in the application. Further the captcha inside the on-line service go around with the help of tesseract (if someone does not know what is the special code for Windows that allows you to rip numbers, letters of the pictures).
Now everything is put on stream and get a profit!
Advantages of the script compared to normal viewing
No need to watch the timer and count the time in ads
no need to click on the ads and see the relevance of the data
if you have little time, it is likely to forget/miss/wrong answer to the question of ads
manual entry is a waste of time and you are distracted from the main cases!
Cons of the script compared to normal viewing
The answers may not be 100% correct,
you can’t track quickly to emerging errors in the script
test better still in ProjectMaker.
However, with the script you can fully relax and enjoy, and periodically test the script for errors, add new functions (e.g., viewing and reading of letters, etc.).
To order a ZennoPoster script for you on the contact page.

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