Once through freelancing exchange received another order for the translation of a large amount of data from the site – from English to Russian.

to quickly complete the task and meet the agreed deadlines, you need to process massive chunks of text and parse a lot of information. But this is not a problem because we have a software called ZennoPoster. With its help, we implement the process as efficiently and easily as possible, because it already has a special module that allows you to connect the API of the Yandex Translator service.


Sites with large amounts of data, they usually have a complex structure, protection against parsing and other features that complicate the process of collecting information. However, this type of project usually has one significant advantage over the rest of the standard sites – support inside the code of the JSON format, which allows for a few seconds to get huge lists by parsing. Of course, not all sites with JSON support have the source code open, sometimes you have to try hard to extract it from the document. Unlike regular HTML layout, the page provides access to the data array directly, bypassing the separate selection of style classes and elements in the document, so the lists can be obtained quickly and painlessly.
Сбор данных по спискам

I am engaged in data parsing for a long time, including on (popular freelancing exchange) from various sites-collecting the necessary elements from the pages of the project specified by the client and saving them to a table or MySQL database. For example, the standard task for me is to collect data such as title, product or page description, keywords, tags, etc.
I can say with confidence that the more popular the site becomes, the more difficult it is to take the necessary data from this project, because people understand that information is money, and they are not ready to share it for free! Just, and this applies to the following website – agroserver.
Парсинг сложного сайта - заказ с биржи фриланса

Today I will tell you about how to properly search for suitable jobs on popular sites, as well as how to avoid scams or just fans of freebies, of which there are a lot of so-called leaders…
But everything in order:

How to find a job in Russia

What is inside this post?

  • learn how to select/filter jobs;
  • how to blacklist employers at the stage of viewing the job, not at the interview;
  • what questions to ask when applying for a job, and which of them will cause negligent employers by surprise;
  • how to apply yourself to the salary was not constantly stable minimum;
  • and many other questions that interest absolutely everyone!

let’s Go…

Been trying to get to the script for the automation project Seosprint, and finally did. Now you can put in the program ZennoPoster in the Manager of tasks the frequency of running the script and it will automatically start to collect tribute from the service.

В чем суть сайта с одноименным названием?

Вы периодически заглядываете на проект, смотрите рекламу в своем браузере/решаете задачи/тестируете приложения и т.п., и за эти действия получаете скромный заработок в виде нескольких копеек или рублей. Все достаточно просто и лаконично!

Start with the main post – promotion in mid-2018 and early 2019 gave good results for the website (as will be discussed later), based on the B2B segment and wholesale sales of kitchen utensils. All actions on the site, however, had sooo long to agree, because :head of IT Department: this company is absolutely not understood and does not understand so far in SEO. In addition, even a lawyer suggested SEO specialist and copywriter, what text to put in context is that, of course, further delayed the time to promote and on the whole process… I Think there is no comments!

We begin the analysis of poor sites. The first test will be the management company with the name “” or the limited liability company “Housing-the municipal company” (LLC “Zhytomyr cardboard factory”), which was founded in (although who cares?). LLC “ZHYTOMYR CARDBOARD FACTORY “LIGHT HOUSE” As you can see from the screenshot, the management company is not fully prepared for the heating season (i.e. not only the display of information on its website, but even on…

In the first part of quark I was going through the overall structure of the website Kwork and its main advantages and disadvantages in comparison with competitors. Today I will talk about how much real money you can put in your pocket with this project, or more precisely, to withdraw to webmoney (as other ways to withdraw money I am not satisfied with what I wrote earlier).


Guide for beginners plus individual skill of earning on affiliate programs.

Now the income on affiliate programs is considered our main source of income. Weld on affiliate programs is possible, including and without own website, elementary have to know how to create them correctly.

At the moment, almost all people seek out methods and tools of earning online without investment or special knowledge.

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