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We begin the analysis of poor sites. The first test will be the management company with the name “ukgkk.ru” or the limited liability company “Housing-the municipal company” (LLC “Zhytomyr cardboard factory”), which was founded in (although who cares?). LLC “ZHYTOMYR CARDBOARD FACTORY “LIGHT HOUSE”
As you can see from the screenshot, the management company is not fully prepared for the heating season (i.e. not only the display of information on its website, but even on user security). Learn more about the previously mentioned “mistakes”: small unreadable font, the http Protocol, not https. You can also mention the minimum informative menu, where it is difficult to note anything in principle.
the website ukgkk.ru – as all employees zhkk, OOO LIGHT HOUSE” = sad SHIT!
Now let us look at the essence of the claims of UBL Kam from “Housing and utilities”.
There are debts, like rent in the amount of 10-13 T. p. (this amount is the UK is large and required to increased attention from them, so they can at any time to shut off your electricity, water, etc.). More..Dolby BOV need another look…
Information for homeowners who are faced with inadequate against pizzanet..x..fag in this zhkk, OOO
Disconnection of electricity for non-payment of utilities
Electricity for non-payment can only be turned off in compliance with the mandatory stages.
First, the debtor is sent a notification that on the part of electricity’s debt indicates the amount of debt and accrued interest. If after 20 days the debtor attempted to repay the debt, has not requested restructuring, has not repaid the debt in full, shall be notified of the imposition of penalties in the form of restriction of supply of light. Send such notification is obligatory by registered mail or handed personally. Expect 3 days. If the debtor still has not tried to solve the problem of its debt , the sanctions come into force and the defaulter receives a new notification. Only after compliance with this Protocol there was complete blackout. If this contractor does not wish to comply with, the defaulter is entitled to challenge the shutdown, to demand reparation. The court will likely qualifies actions of UK as an independent settlement of the question, will stand on the side of the tenant and determine to compensate it for the damage in full. Realizing this, the Executive municipal authority seeks to comply with all legal regulations very carefully, so as not to give chance to the debtor to seek compensation in court.
Now tell how it really makes the UK “Housing-and-municipal company”, located at the actual address: Vsevolozhsk, ul. Mezhevaya, 8-a Phone: 8 (81370) 21-081; Fax: 8 (81370) 21-614:
These priduri please write in the bills, then stupidly turned off the light (I put a limiter on the use of electricity.) However, they do not take into account any holidays in January (New year and Christmas), nor work their hebat..x employees who are not able to watch the receipt of debtors and look at the fact that a partial payment of the debt is repaid. In the end, because of these so-called people have to suffer the ordinary families who did not flee to repay receipts to the holidays…
No warnings besides the receipt itself, which by the way is served in the 20 days of January, no. And, as you can see from the law above, they thereby violate the law and they FUCK the law!
Now that will tolerate PID…RA – the head of the UK? …TH YOU!
Now we watch as slowly or quickly dies, this company…
Go and puzomerka this havnekontoret. They are unique in its kind: X = 0, which is even the most needy sites is a rejection, as the cervix at the head of this UK (I hope this TRANS, because the man here and does not smell…)
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Further, according to the screenshot, you will notice that the work on it in 2007 was not carried out…to 2019. Apparently in the state they have SEO-promotion deals Gevorg Arevshatyan (Yes, there are assholes and the place is in a miserable company).
Financial resistance = 0
Efficiency = 0
E-mail Secretary came up, who do you think? Correctly, the Secretary, at least judging by the title of the e-mails of this shitty company secretarieGKK@mail.ru!
Let me explain my position.
If someone does not know – mail.ru give birth to mail only the most pathetic organization that is in the world, because even the most slow-witted people know that there is Google… and the more your domain.
Domain under http, email running poor leaders, BUT! payment must be received on time, even if you have them..I don’t!
ук говно