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SEOSimple plugin automatically install the meta tags in Joomla


SEOSimple plugin automatically install the meta tags in Joomla. With this extension, many SEO optimizers don’t have to spend a lot of time to waste on the production of metadata in the system.

What makes this component. SEOSimple simply takes the information from your page with material and inserts it in the page description. It is very convenient, since almost always this procedure takes considerable time.
You can remove the link from the developer’s site, the usual clicking in the Credit settings.
In addition, you have the option to set how it will look in the description of the material, and assign the name of your main page.
Setting the number of characters, use the global configuration or to get information from the content. You can also set how you will look and processed category.
The possibility of unattended setup meta tags.
Convenient options for full customization of the component.
Simple integration into the system, nothing more.