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We present the statistics for the SEO promotion of our website photolessons.org as well as basic SEO and other factors that affect ranking in the search Yandex, Google. In addition, consider in detail each of the options specified in this article. We had been greatly increased speed of loading project, its technical components and much more. Will talk about it below…
SEO-продвижение сайта photolessons.org

So, show you the main ones SEO-indicators. This is the title, description, and their length:

Next come the tags, subheadings, key words:

The ratio of text to images, shared HTML code, as well as the presence of the description to the photo:

Now look at the internal linking, anchor text and links in General, and we have no broken links:

Regarding the availability of core files like a map of the site and robots.txt:

The most important thing today is the performance and loading speed of the website:

Compression and compression of both the images and scripts:

Usability and visibility on various platforms and screen resolutions:

SMM and social network links with them, likes, etc.:

The security of the project:

The results
Done enormous work on optimization of the resource and all of its components, so our website became faster, better and easier. It is now up to content, we know that it should be improved, to provide new information on Photoshop lessons, Photo lessons, etc.
To make this (great) site, you can contact us through our feedback form, specifying the domain (if it is already there), as well as themes, deadlines and other parameters for the further consideration of the application. If we are interested in the price of the QUESTION! we will contact you in the near future, according to specified data in the email.
Note: be sure to specify in the application and the message you need specifics: SEO-promotion, or creating a new website or it support, Analytics etc. All this will speed up the process of application approval!

The situation in 30.06.2017:

The situation in 11.08.2017:

The situation in 18.08.2017: