Nov 29, 2014
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SEO banners – banners for promoting Joomla

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SEO banners is a plugin that allows banners to be seen by search engines, and to be more precise, it optimizes external links for search engines.
SEO banners

Instead refer to the banner component of Joomla, this plugin shows direct path to affiliate links. This setting affects search engine optimization of your pages – now there are no hidden elements.
All you need to do is enable the plugin after downloading it and installing it. If you use third party components to build links to your website, put this plugin above the rest in order of Joomla. The plugin automatically opens links in a new window (settings in the banners are ignored in this case).
Understand the structure of links and natural position relative to the search engines.
Quick installation and easy setup.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.


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