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Securitycheck security check in Joomla

It often happens that we are unsure of the security of their project, so we have to download special plug-ins, services, checking links, etc. About one of the useful security components in Joomla will be discussed in today’s article.


So, Securitycheck is a set of tools for checking the performance of your website, such as firewall, which protects the project from hackers, redirect to a special page when it detects hacking attempts, black and white list of IP addresses that you can edit and many other functions.
It is also possible to configure the modes, exceptions, files, statistics, etc.
The main feature of this component is that you can immediately check the vulnerabilities of Joomla and fix them if necessary.
New AJAX interface for quick access to all the properties of the component.
Firewall – the firewall that has been tested on more than 90 SQL, LFI and XSS attacks.
File Manager.
The vulnerability checks.
Integration with Akeeba Live Update.