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“Customer focus” is the ability of a person or company to identify the needs of your customer (both internal and external) and effectively meet them. Today, we not only consider this aspect of the firm “in House”, but also understand one simple thing – not without papers you piece of shit, and no customers – you turd!
Себе в Дом

So, let’s proceed to the analysis of the company in St. Petersburg called “his House”. I just realized the meaning of the title – not you and not your house.
Let’s start with the fact that I made the order at number 172-111-714 in 2017, waiting like a normal person, that all goods will be collected on time (given on a meditation store about 5 days). It was not there – in fact it turned out 30 minutes prior to delivery! what! attention! is the stove the kitchen they can’t drive because the car broke down… Judging by the reviews from Yandex Market, it is one and the same machine, and the only city they have in the company. OK, I think, to warn in advance does not? In addition to an apology, stupid Manager, I have not heard anything new.

Go on… the next day, an SMS which read: “Expect a delivery today from 17.00 to XS some time (till the last client).” I’m calling them, say, “Actually, I had not planned today no delivery, etc.”. What they say: “And tomorrow, what a convenient time for you to get the goods?”.

Note: a convenient time for You – about the whole day, as they do not know when will come!

In General, we agreed on a certain day, however, I could not get through to the Manager 2 times in a row, on which I have redirected the girl taking the phone from the home phone to “his House”. In short, I waited about instead of the promised “after 16.00” until 20.30. Fortunately it was something to do, but still not nice.
The advantage to this is boorish attitude of movers for 100 rubles ready his ass tear! So I say, “you Have free shipping, but the type of lift is that pay!” How do you mean? In General, I have sent them in 1 place, said if after 5 minutes there is no order here, and I don’t need him. After a few minutes he was in my apartment…
The inadequate managers, porters, etc. in the company “own House”. As you can read not only here, but on Yandex Market – open reviews with 1 star and you all will become clear which service this firmeshki.