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How to look for job in Russia is a living example for SEO

Как правильно искать вакансии в России

Today I will tell you about how to properly search for suitable jobs on popular sites, as well as how to avoid scams or just fans of freebies, of which there are a lot of so-called leaders…
But everything in order:

How to find a job in Russia

What is inside this post?

  • learn how to select/filter jobs;
  • how to blacklist employers at the stage of viewing the job, not at the interview;
  • what questions to ask when applying for a job, and which of them will cause negligent employers by surprise;
  • how to apply yourself to the salary was not constantly stable minimum;
  • and many other questions that interest absolutely everyone!

let’s Go…

Desire to earn!

First, let’s define what you want to find:

  • work-part-time for several days/months;
  • permanent job 5 days a week;
  • shift chart, etc.

How to find a job in Russia

In the first case on a good lifetime earnings you can not count, camping on K. no one will you to pay good money for temporary work!
5/2 – the most popular schedule in Russia, because you NEED to often stay at work, and in fact you spend there is not 8 hours, and 8 and a half or all 9 or more! This is often used by employers, so if you have a lot of free time – you can choose only this schedule.
If you take seriously the question, the time spent at work 5 days a week will earn more than 2/2 and much! And, unfortunately, not all employers are ready to consider 2/2 or part-time, which also complicates the search for a convenient schedule.


Job search sites

All major sites for job search 4-5, which is not very much for normal competition, but I think everyone knows what job search site can no doubt be considered a leader in the number of vacancies – a project with a funny name HAHA.

Here, on the one hand, it is convenient to view the vacancies themselves, there are search filters, etc. But the number, unfortunately, does not mean quality, as you probably already understood (what will be discussed later)!


a Real example of job search for a job SEO-optimizer

let’s take a look at the situation when looking for a job in the cultural city St. Petersburg on the basis of data from open sources, as well as understand a few things:

  • here you can not trust absolutely anyone! and it is not a panacea;
  • scams among the so-called employers, too, a lot or a bunch (as you like);
  • large salaries rather provided more to boast than you will receive a salary in fact;
  • get to work get ready in advance from half an hour to two (most likely you will spend about 3 hours a day to travel back and forth!)


So, on 25.07.19 on request SEO on the most popular job search resource I was given 353 jobs. I hasten to assure you that this value is much too high, because the query stupidly includes all the data that can be displayed in the description (in no way refers to the vacancy).
Example: the description States that knowledge of SEO is desirable – EVERYTHING! This vacancy can be on the janitor, who serves the office for promotion… I think there’s no comment.


Example first

FAKE “Leading company SEO industry” with the address of the site, which expired domain registration! Such a mess “eat” only downers or those who can not read… Apparently at this firm about the logic you’ve never heard of, or think all the same as they do.

Go ahead…
Most of the vacancies “hang” on HAHA for a very long time, which automatically tells us about the state of the office, where we are invited, i.e. either the head – jerk, or the personnel Department!
I also specifically identified several criteria by which you can QUICKLY determine whether to respond to a vacancy in a particular company.

Recommendations on detection of shit-offices

  • the Employer does not write a word in the description of his Desk = means there is something to hide, or nothing to be proud of!
  • do Not specify the company’s website or it does not work for a long time = now the site is absolutely any self-respecting company, if it is not hiding from taxes or former employees!
  • the Employer communicates with you via sms and sends invitations to your phone. Although on the site you can answer questions and write to the applicant = thus the fraudster is trying to collect data from several people and maybe you are just the next exhibit to test it.
  • Pay attention when coming to the interview, whether talking to you is the person with whom you previously talked on the phone! A common practice of shit-firms says = the flow of applicants draws the first available employee (not necessarily even from the personnel Department)…
  • If and ONLY ask you about your work on the previous places, while not talking about his company’s word (once it is possible to draw a conclusion about the incompetence of the employee of the personnel Department, if any)
  • If you come for an interview and you are rudely answered at the reception by an employee of the organization – this is a clear sign of dissatisfaction with his superiors or salary (which, in principle, is almost the same).
  • If the job does not specify a range of wages, then the company is a priori not ready to pay good money and you get 100% black/gray salary or the minimum cost for their services!
  • you should Also pay attention to too large a range of wages – a clear sign that you will get out of this amount at least in the best case.
  • Immediately negotiate the terms of employment at the interview, because many will learn about it after the trial period (which is almost always up to 3!!! months’.)
  • Never believe the promises of a salary increase immediately after passing the probation period, especially if it is less than 3 months: rather, you will simply be asked to resign after some time or will pay the same salary.
  • avoid the standard requirements for applicants – for example, 5/2, delicious tea, cookies, required: responsible employee, with ambitions (at a miserable salary!), etc. – in this case, there is a possibility that either the human resources Department is not working well (as an option), or the company itself does not know the clear and specific requirements for this employee and you will perform ALL the work that you come up with on the move the General Director or the head of the Department (of course, not related to your professional data and requirements for the position)!
  • If the vacancy is removed, be sure to make a formal contract, as well as be sure to seal the organization and signatures, in which case, it was possible to refer to the failure of this contract. Although I have a much better method, which we will explain later…