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Search jlex search module in Joomla

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Search jlex is one of the few modules that not only work perfectly in Joomla, but also offer distinctive features. For example, with the help of this extension you will be able to install a full search on your site and show your users the differences between the search images website or over the Internet.

To put the module to your project, you just need to download and install this free Joomla component.
Module works on AJAX it sinhroniziruete search results on Google and is showing them on your site.
You can select the image search, the site or over the Internet as well as search news, videos, etc.
To translate the module in Russian language, you need to go to the folder with the module, choose the template and fix the line.
Absolutely free extension.
A quick search on your site through external scripts.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.

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