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How to make a snowflake – multiple ways

In our lesson today we will talk about how to create or make your own hands a snowflake, and then cut or print it. Prepare yourself for the several stages of preparation of the snowflakes, as they will be 3: make a snowflake out of paper snowflake from ready-made template, create a snowflake in Photoshop.

Как сделать снежинку - несколько способов

So, consider all the options in more detail in order.
Paper crafts – create a snowflake with your hands
Ready to take the template and make a snowflake from it
Creating snowflakes in Adobe Photoshop
As one of the options we have already written and you can see it in one of the lessons by clicking on the link, then consider the other two.
Make a snowflake with your hands
This process takes a very small duration of time. To get started you will need a normal sheet of paper (A4 format) – it needs to be folded in half.
Note: you can use colored paper, specially prepared.
Then again folded in half, but on the other side of the sheet to locate the middle (or you can measure the sheet of paper and put it in the middle of the leaf point).
Now lead the lower left corner of the sheet toward the middle to make a triangle. Repeat this same operation, but only to the bottom right corner.
Then you need a little stop to look at a sheet of paper and fold it in the direction of the lower left corner to the newly created bend the right side of the sheet.
Note: the sheet should be placed towards you, so the top part should open top and a closed bottom part. If something goes wrong, just view the video, which is located at the bottom of this article.
Then the right side of the sheet placed on the left on top of the resulting figure and fold it all in half.
Now looking for the bottom edge of the object paper and cutting along the horizontal line to make a smooth triangle.
Now there’s just cut the necessary paths (you can draw them in advance to make it easier to cut) and gently to reveal the snowflake.

Create a snowflake from ready-made template
In this embodiment, to perform the snowflake easy – you’ll need to download the source, open it in Photoshop and print out the necessary format. If you use A4, you can see our lesson how to print any document in Photoshop.
The source of the snowflakes available for download on the page.


Как сделать снежинку - несколько способов