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Today we will discuss such an important issue as choosing the right memory card for our device. Here you can hide different characteristics and complexity: volume, structure, data format, etc will be discussed in this article.
Как выбрать карту памяти для фотоаппарата

Every person when purchasing a complex device such as a camera, must carefully study its technical characteristics, and when choosing a memory card for it especially since it will be recorded basic information and be read and copied to computer hard drives, etc.
To distinguish the memory card for its basic properties, you must follow our instructions.
The type of memory card
For most modern devices are made card format SD that gives them an advantage against other species and types of memory cards. You need to choose the type that is specified in the specifications of your device. Here we must be very careful, as in recent models of cameras can be used such subtypes of this format as SDHC and SDXC.
And you need to know that if you have a new device, it will most likely work with all types of these cards, but if it is older than 2006, it is a high probability that the camera will interfere, if not to work with the cards subtype SDHC and SDXC is very large.
So be sure to check in his instructions to the versions and types of memory cards that are suitable for your device.
In more expensive cameras as well as in a professional environment made the use of this type of card as CF. The advantages of this type of memory cards are speed and memory.
Disadvantages – most likely the weight and the possibility of a conflict with some versions of cards UDMA.
This type of memory cards microSD is intended primarily for compact cameras and also for tablets and smartphones due to its small size. In speed and data access are virtually indistinguishable with the above analogues of memory cards.
The memory card capacity
Choose the card size for your device is not too difficult. You just need to decide how much you plan to store pictures on it as well as are you going to record videos or only take pictures.
In addition, there are a number of things while choosing, for example, is the number of megapixels. For example, when a small resolution of photos you can put on the memory card, single volume and at a different resolution pictures. So take into account the effective resolution of your device.
Below we present the total table.
Memory capacity
128 GB
64 GB
32 GB
16 GB
8 GB
4 GB
160 minutes
80 minutes
40 minutes
20 minutes
10 minutes
5 minutes
16 000
8 000
4 000
2 000
1 000
Five hundred
The speed of read and write memory card
The scope of the flash memory is not limited to only taking a single frame and video recording in standard definition, so the speed of the memory card is as important a condition as the card type.
If you take the standard values of the manufacturers indicate in their characteristics, we can note the following points.
Speed class – 2,4,6,10 etc. – it is the write speed of flash memory megabytes per second. Sometimes the manufacturer specifies the current speed directly into the flash card, for example, 30 MB/s.
So what speed to choose?
When shooting FullHD video, you’ll need a speed class not lower than 6, and better than 10 and above. Also when photographing objects in the mode of several frames per second, you’ll need a memory card below 30 MB/s.
When shooting moving objects, you’ll need a memory card larger and the speed of reading and writing, therefore we recommend to use 30 to 45 MB/s.
For professionals, there are special solutions in this area that allow you to do a series of shots in continuous mode up to 100 MB/s, which will not affect their performance.
Additional properties of memory cards
What to consider in addition to the above characteristics when choosing a memory card?
First, it is external factors that can affect it, such as rain, snow, bumps, scratches, vibration, etc.