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Scheiße or services in Russia in Saint-Petersburg


Moving to the cultural capital of Russia (Saint-Petersburg), I thought naively, that the way it is: that culture rushing from all the cracks in this town, but something (accent on the 2nd vowel) apparently wrong…
Today I want to talk once again about how faced with terrible service and lack of logic as such, that the managers of the online store from the shipping company. But first things first…

Part 1: order in the online store

Start the story and I decided that the ordered goods in a children’s online store through their website called “Daughters Synochki.” All would have ended there, if I got the order on time and to the specified address me issue. But, as you might imagine, this did not happen. In the end, I get a call from unknown girl who wanted to tell me that she received MY order!
I called the delivery service, as, in my humble opinion it was she was supposed to report to the buyer on the date and time, the destination of the cargo. But there it was, it turned out that according to their database my package is sent, wait for an answer. To which I replied: “that I tomorrow get your order in your point of delivery?” SDEK could not even this simple question to answer in the affirmative, saying the following: “According to our information your shipment is in the process of sending, expect a notification via SMS”.
Well, I thought, wait…

услуги в России


The next day (day of delivery/acceptance by me) order, I call the Manager SDEK notify me that the goods had been transferred to another person, ATTENTION!!!, can I get it in 2 days, or INDEPENDENTLY to take away the girl brought MY GOODS!!! What I’m really pissed off, and said, what do you offer me for the money to pick up the goods at a different address? The Manager apparently quite stupid(Aya) said you can order again in the online store, or to wait for until their truck will take the goods back to the warehouse.

Note: I think it’s clear that the inadequacy of this case is not only that it was not voiced any apology for the failure of delivery of goods, but also had the nerve to offer me FOR MY MONEY, pick up cargo!

What is the result? ?

Decided to call the store “Daughters-Sons”. Somehow I thought that poor Russian service does not apply to them…But in vain.
In the store I was told that according to them my order was sent as usual (through the ass) and in time I should expect from the transport company response. Ie you to understand that neither one nor the other do not want to be responsible for anything, while SDEK refers to the online shop as a customer, and “Daughters-Sons” refer to SDEK as a delivery agent. In addition, it should be noted that except for me the order the fuck anyone apparently did not give up, so everything just remained silent, or were thrown off information on top of each other to no AVAIL…

What have I done??

I just came to the girl, took the order… After that I immediately began to ring from the online store, SDEK, because now their ass at gunpoint… long story Short, I told them: “Either you reimburse me the shipping, or I do not going to pay!”.
The order I have the money too…