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The tools in Photoshop – Scale, Skew, Rotate, Distort

Very often, beginners in Photoshop do not know the basic photo editing tools. Today we will discuss about how to Scale, Skew, Distort and other items to the context menu free transform. In one of your previous lessons we were told how to use the Warp tool – it is also in line editing.

Scale, Skew, Rotate, Distort

The basis was taken the picture from Yandex Pictures, so in the corner of the screen you can see the corresponding label. By the way, every day publish a new high quality photo in high resolution (note).
Now, to get the context menu with these tools, you need to create a duplicate layer (CTRL + J) and then press CTRL + T. There is another way – it will have to go to the menu and select Edit – Transform. How will you choose the desired item is your business, but easier, I think, would be to use hot keys.
Consider first the function of zoom. If we choose this item, and begin to pull one end up or down, then immediately see the changes. But here we must consider one thing – the proportions of the picture are not saved, if you do not put a special mark on the top panel of the instrument.
Here is the save button of proportions.
Make sure you create a duplicate of the main pictures, so if it changes you can always revert to the default settings. There were created 2 more layers, to show by example how the image looks with proportions saved without them.
The next menu item rotates the image or Rotate. It can be used to rotate to the desired angle of the shot and make the angle that you want. I think that more to describe the action of this function is not necessary.
With regard to paragraph Skew, then pull here in the middle of the top or bottom, side of the photo. It will become elongated in the direction in which we toil.
You can try to stretch the image across multiple parties.
You can use the function perspective, which we have already discussed here.
Try to create one of the layers, which can be used as collage. For this you may need the function Distort. It is similar to item Warp, whose description can be found here.
Once you have created a new layer, try to complement it with an external frame. To do this, go to Blending Options, and select Outer Glow to set the desired value and color, and apply to the top layer.
You can now duplicate the newly created layer just by clicking on it with the left mouse button and holding the ALT key. Also make the correct scale of the image.
So we’ve got 2 identical new layer with the outer frame. Only in this case, had the 2nd layer slightly increased to maintain proportions and perspective.
Duplicate another layer and increase its size.
Now the most important thing is to put more photos in our layers, we have to take advantage of this convenient feature as Create Clipping Mask. Example photo editing with this feature you can find in this tutorial.
We have prepared 3 separate images, and then simply created for each clipping mask.
Get a beautiful collage of multiple images.
The end result is + removed Yandex logo: