Sberbank Bank Card as a convenient means of investing

Карта Сбербанка

If You haven’t bought the card from top Bank, then it is time to do right now. Below will introduce and list the main advantages over other banks. Also will talk about how to choose a card from Sberbank, renew and get in a convenient place.
Карта сбербанка

I live in St. Petersburg and am a happy owner of the card from Sberbank, which serves the eponymous Bank. In addition, it should be noted that this piece of plastic I got on the street of Marshal Kazakov is one of the local offices. Works like a clock – want – put a money (once put into the ATM money, and I no cheque, no money on the card – had a statement to write and 2 weeks to wait for a response from the managers of the institution), I want to send them to another person via the phone (say, a lot of fraud thereby).
So, how to pick the right card?
First, You need to go to the nearest branch in your city (thanks to their countless number in the regions and big cities), then you should get yourself a voucher (or ticket, as you wish) and wait for their turn. I have this happened in the back office No. 9055/0678 on Prospekt Bolshevikov 2 (193231, Saint-Petersburg) – I came to this office, took a number and waited in the electronic queue. Note that taking the card (on the electronic scoreboard was the inscription “the exchange and acceptance”), I waited just 10 minutes, after which I was invited to a window №3. I explained to the operator that I need to exchange the card for a new one, because the term of the former card over and asked me to come to the office, where I will be comfortable to get a new card in 2 months according to the regulations! Well, I think everything is clear now, I will give a statement and I’m writing it, will leave with a clear conscience. No, there it was!
Secondly, You should remember one rule, coming to Sberbank repeat the same thing several times, as it contributes to the overall strengthening of the material. I was redirected by the same number in the other window even though I know I correctly picked the card. Well, after a few minutes (approximately 10), I was called to window number 5 – looks good, though consistency is maintained… Repeating word for word (like a parrot) to a new operator of its request to extend the validity period of the card, and received the following reply: “Your card will be blocked within the next two days, then You again must come to us for a new card”. I tell the operator that I just need to pick up a couple of months a new card today without blocking (because money is always needed, not 2-3 days). Started in a common cultural for you to make trouble…
Thirdly, You need to know that Sberbank is the place where all Your dreams come true! I was again redirected to another window!!! Now to the General Manager, as I understand it. Yes, indeed, the Windows operating system too many Windows for the 1st time did not open…
Approaching him (her), again, I… began to tell sad and boring story that I need to get a map of Sberbank in Sberbank office, but not in the office of Sberbank, in which it was released, and in the office of Sberbank, in which I would like now to get it… the Result was that I heard about the same – what do I need for 2 months in advance to get into the right office and write a statement, after which my card will lock!!!! But note, only 2 of the day (but did not specify what, but I understand that these days will be work)!!!! Cheers, that is the loyalty of Sberbank is that 2 days You can if You need money urgently, go to any branch and to remove them is not with the blocked card, and in person at the office! Cards for this purpose and is created!, to go every time personally to the office of the savings Bank – thank you from Sberbank!
I liked the Manager’s response: “I’d love to help You, but unfortunately our program does not allow you to make the map it was impossible to block at this age.”
Ie draw conclusions – state Bank is not able to make people’s lives easier, instead it locks the card the Russians, so it was very convenient to use their cards…
Conditions of issue and reissue of cards of the savings Bank takes place exclusively in the office where You it (the map) designed – they absolutely do not care where You move or live at the moment. If You want to map to another place, then ask for 2!!! months before the end of the period of validity of the card and… go to the office to write a statement, in which You really feel comfortable to obtain a new card. Of course, taking into account non-performing or poorly performing programs (programmers they probably fine…), so all smiles for a while and block your card!!!
Улыбка Сбербанка