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The installation of SAPE code in Joomla using the module JBLinksale


Today we will analyze with you such a difficult time, as the installation code of advertising links SAPE service in Joomla CMS.

Установка кода SAPE в Joomla

What’s the catch you ask, if online sale of links describes how to install the code?

I answer, that in case the application code does not take into account the fact that web masters are using different versions of CMS, differing not only in appearance, but in internal code. Because of the peculiarities of the systems are not displayed correctly reference this advertising campaign, and therefore revenue is not expected…

So, how to fix the code SAPE or make it work in the right direction?

To do this, go to system, select my site>settings>code and follow the system settings. Example usage:

Ie, you must first load it into the root of your website folder, which offers SAPE. Then put on her access rights 777 because the php client system needs to make changes to the database link.

Next download the plugin, made specifically for those who are not willing or able to Tinker with the code SAPE inside your site. It is called JBLinksale.

Then go to the settings of Joomla – the plugin Manager and set the required settings. Subject to availability of advertising space in the system XAP and Linkfeed, which supports a module, you can set the values of these campaigns.

After completing the above steps, activate the module in the position where you would like to see your link and click on save.

After all operations you should fix, if not, then you can change some settings in the additional column settings of this module. But be careful, all the settings do, if you know what you are doing. 😉

Also it is possible to use step-by-step instruction for installation of the Sape code on Joomla.