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Buying and selling links Sape – step-by-step installation code in Joomla


Always been a supporter to set up the code in Joomla manually, without the use of modules, unless, of course, allow knowledge in this area. How to install code Sape in and will be discussed in today’s article.

Покупка и продажа ссылок Sape

To begin with, you will need to register and go to settings its platform.
Here you will see custom settings: General, display, code, sitemap.
Let us examine each of the tabs in more detail.
So, in the “General” menu, we can enable the automatic mode, which means that links will be included without your participation. There is also the option to automatically activate new pages, which will greatly facilitate your operations with this system.
The price of links I recommend to put no more than average for the site, multiplied by 2!
In addition, check the box to use stop words because search engines don’t like adult themes and profanity.
The remaining parameters set according to your desire and comprehension.
Go to the display tab. Here you can set up your own kind of styles, how will be displayed links in the form of blocks or in mixed form.
It is also possible to set the width, alignment blocks, color of text, background and other components.
But we are more interested in the rest of the code tab. Turn to her.

Select PHP from the list of items of the installation code and follow instructions in the tips and tricks.
Ie you need to download the folder, unzip it and put the files in the root of your website. Next to set access rights 777 to the previously downloaded folder on the server and set the code to display hypertext links.
Next, insert the code in the module HTML or PHP. I have he following:
return_links(3); ?>
In your case is likely to be specified other code, as the basis is exactly what it is, but as practice shows, for the UTF-8 encoding need it slightly to correct, i.e. to specify a special encoding of displayed links. Draw conclusions: if you have a website written in UTF-8 encoding and you are using Joomla, then the above code for you. If you have a website with a different encoding, you can use the standard code:
return_links($n); ?>
where $n is the number of links that you would like to bring in the page.
But I would recommend you the following way to install the code:
1. Download file index.php from your template templates, i.e. this file must be in a folder templates/ваш_шаблон/index.php.
2. Open it using any text editor and write the code in tags :

Next, look for the place where you will insert links, for example in the footer and write:
return_links(1); ?>
(if you want to sell 1 link in the footer of the page).
More detailed information about how and where to apply the code Sape. Also it is possible to use a ready module to install Sape code in Joomla.