Sape – the most successful exchange of buying and selling links in Runet


Sape is a very comfortable and well-designed from a technical point of view, an online service for buying and selling links on your resources. This tool is suitable for both beginner webmasters and their more advanced colleagues, as it offers a huge number of settings and parameters in the procurement of numerous links (or leased).


First you will need to have an account, as in any other system. After that, you will see tabs: Web master, Optimizer, etc. Let’s look at them and determine the main criteria of each of the tabs.
In the first tab we see sites that sell links and their characteristics, such as TCI and PR. Besides, you can always see the number of sold links, relevant page on your site, as well as other useful parameters.
What you should pay attention to? In the first place, not to be sold too as a lot of links on 1 page and throughout the site because search engines calculate these webmasters and apply filters (up to AGS).
In the tab for the optimizer (the one who wants to buy links to your website) you will find about the same menu – projects and purchased links.
The difference, as you might guess, is that here you do not sell links and buy them, and they must be paid either fully or partially (in the case of eternal links).
Notice the left column where written advice, for example, account balance and how long it’ll last in the future. The optimizer is allowed to buy eternal links (they are much more expensive), or rent (pay for the number of days). In addition, there is the so-called guarantee of eternal links so that they are not removed by the webmasters (paid service – about 10% of the reference).
If you are making a campaign not for themselves but for the organization, you will need the reports (they love them). To do this, go to the tab Instatistics and make such report either by month or by day, and export it to desired format (HTML or CSV).
There is a huge choice of settings among projects, export data and budget analysis, and more. On many links you will find optimization tips – they are located in the appropriate tab.
If you have a large project, you can sort the links in terms of Google, frequency and other data. In addition, the purchase link (lease) you can always pause if your budget is exhausted or the balance is at zero.
It should be noted that the SAPE service is the cheapest option of purchase, but he is clearly superior to the counterparts in functionality and extended data.


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