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“Sak ura” or “Saku ra” – you decide!

Сак ура

Today I will tell you a story about the standard Russian service not only from the company “Saku RA” or “Sak Ura”, which reminds me of cabs with mares on the roads, as well as a minimum of culture in the same St. Petersburg. But everything in order, because the story needs to start from the beginning.
So, I decided on Tuesday (not on Friday and not the weekend!) order pizza at home with delivery, the benefit in the ” cultural capital?”firms, producing this write abound. At first, my choice fell on the Pizza from the mafia (the name of the office), my success in paying for the order by card online or through the GooglePay service was not crowned with a positive result, so I decided to order in another organization, where cash is also a priority. So as eat I wanted to more, than wait, my the search offices, accepting money in 21 century only in cash fell on “Sak ur” (previously something ordered there, and in principle, me staged a).
Note: the tax authorities are not aware of the work of such institutions, which bypass taxes by simply disabling the form of payment through the terminals. So, a hint for you-download applications from the mafia (pizza), Sak Ura, telepiztsy and try to pay by card your order-most likely you will be disappointed! Although the tax is more of a holiday!

Pizza delivery

We pass to the moment when I received an SMS with a confirmation code and delivery time. The time of arrival of a courier to my apartment, as you know is over, I’m trying to reach “Saku ry” successfully! On the other end of the line, the operator tells me that, Yes, the delivery man on the ferry is apparently stuck and waiting for reinforcements from illegal immigrants on a boat nearby. Most of all I was surprised by another: the young man who carried out this action, did not even apologize for the delay of the flight St. Petersburg-Kudrovo. He gave the order, which had cooled down by this time, and made his feet, because. only on crutches can be so” quickly ” move, to be late almost on half an hour of exercise.
Now the best service from “Sak ur” – on the phone you robot or announcer reports that the company pays for your order, if the delay is at their expense. T. E. on fact-this clean water lies.
My operator even asked for my account to call them again, and to detain the courier, then send it up and fix the delay. Fuck me to spend money on the phone and all this hemorrhage with your, I emphasize, and only your jambs, the transfer of your mobile phone to some stranger, maybe even inadequate? Me easier write here, and not only, post about your shitty firmeshke, then promote this in have Mandated search engines and never to do you have more orders, camping on E. to my made to order paid off and I you direct texts sent nah…y.

food Grade

Now about the taste of food from “Sak Ura”. It’s a distinct aftertaste: food of the gods, I’d say. In the toilet, of course, you will not sit, but salt sushi or pizza you just do not want. And this applies precisely to the quality of cooked food, because soy sauce is just tasteless, as if it was forgotten to salt. About pizza I can say that the taste it may not be the worst option, but the cooled pizza is-just not an option!


In “Sak Uru” nor foot, let there make its feet other, Pope Cardo, for example, or the not hurried courier, which I authorized 1,500₽.