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SafariControl – control over the browser in Joomla

SafariControl is a great extension for those who use the Safari browser and Apple products. Optimize your website by Joomla for devices using Apple’s Safari browser! Just add the icons and enable the plugin.

Since Apple continues to increase its portfolio, it becomes very difficult to interact with all the available solutions and to offer the user the starting image for the site. Implementation of the desired meta tags and uploading photos for you can be a headache.
SafariControl is a powerful Joomla system plugin that manipulates all above actions for you. It supports all available optimization options Safari, to help in managing your website or app for him.
Support icons for setting bookmarks (aka touch icons), the initial images
Preview in real time directly in the admin
Automatically resize the picture to fit the specs of the devices
Automatic meta tags generator for PC browsers
The ability to set different icons for bookmarks all available screen sizes
Easy control of color of tabs