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RUS – the analysis of poor sites


“Excellent sites” for review has not ended, network the pond, with the pond teeming with shit-projects, which are not at all sorry to destroy in my blog. Now it is time to hammer a nail into another poor website which needs not only Seo-promotion, but in principle the improvement of all ranking factors. So, shit-site for today’s review –

I would like to say a few words about the design of the website is just shite. Explain your choice:
Constant flipping through books and animation in General on the main page is something she can watch for hours and admire the beauty and interesting effects. If someone does not understand, then it is not for the faint of heart.
Go to the fonts website: super design decision to put different fonts and their size wherever possible. Apparently, about the usability of one of the founders of the site never heard.
The background is perfect for the ophthalmologist’s office, where small text to make out the inscription that is the Novosibirsk site. In addition, on the left is a block with a menu where nuclear yellow are highlighted the most interesting proposal. Yaremenko, the author of this web of creation, clearly pleased with the clock ticking on the main page.
At the bottom of the screen is a pile of counters by which one can assess the attendance of the project. According to him these values to be proud of: 150 people per day maximum! In addition, in the footer there is a need and what is convenient to look for the right materials by going to the bottom of the screen!
About the Protocol of the site is possible even not to mention, it is clear that it is not protected. The button leading user to the top of the page is logically at the bottom of this page, but what is not logical is the static nature of this element of the management page, because it is the only button in the footer, and consequently with a large amount of text you have to spin the mouse wheel or only forward or only as ago.
Dear DX-ist!
Such an appeal to the visitors of your own project looks at least not obvious, agree. Instead of “DX” can be safely put “POHU” can’t go wrong, right!