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RUS – I, analysis of poor sites

экспресс сервис

It’s time to talk about two sad shit-sites that are in St. Petersburg, “cultural people”. We are talking about sites and who for nearly 20 years!!! can’t find a good by writing articles (about the reasons of such approach will be discussed later).
РУС - и, разбор убогих сайтов

So, the reason is simple – the Agency “Express Service” just no money for anything, particularly on their own sites and content for them. The head of this draft thinks he’s a super brain, although in reality it is a simple balloon animal, time breeds others to purchase advertising on the shit resource, the name of the owner of the sites – Andrey Adolfovich Cai.
According to the seriousness of the company can, of course, backed up by key data such as share capital, etc.
Go directly to the sites and discussion of their stupidity as from the point of view of usability and internal content. Disparage both sites at once, so that all blog readers have the feeling of hopeless exclusion of what is happening around these resources.
First thing’s first – who are these sites? Says Yandex: it’s just AGS, i.e., very soon they will fall under the filter search engines for what is no useful content on them and never will be. They keep still because of the time of domain registration. But even this does not save them, just think how you have to be an idiot not to be maintained at the sites for 20 years and just destroy them!
We would like to focus on the display of advertising on the website – these people think that the resource on which they sell advertising, “serious people”, these same people will have to order it, looking at “pornography”, which goes at the top and bottom of the site? They even blocks is not can level up, she comes over on each other and looks obviously alien. In addition, if you happen to suddenly come on a site forbidden subjects, these ads will show up on their website, because Google tracks for your contextual advertising any sites.
Partners they have, according to the tab of the same name, is also very serious – “Kids in the Museum.” Because nothing taught people in 20!!! years: idiotic texts of size 500 symbols and external references, monotonous text sploshnyakom in 1 paragraph and without any discharge, about the uniqueness of texts is possible to forget. And why this uniqueness is stupidly unnecessary time copywriter (who has no money, and consequently, there is no copywriter).
The difference between these two projects, no, because they are the same: stupid, ugly and simply the old rules. I think that if mammoths were able to write fresh material, for their dedication they would be allowed to print on the machine, and then give those texts to the proofreader. And why does the concealer directly mammoths and uploaded photos and videos. и