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RSMembership! Joomla membership and subscription Manager

RSMembership! is a great solution for membership management in Joomla. Using this component from a reputable manufacturer extensions You will be able to fully control its subscribers.

This extension allows you to organize subscription management site users, buyers, and also to share files, folders, content and modules subscribed to by the users of the site.
You can grant access to special sections of your project, and the articles sections, categories, and any other part of the resource.
There is a range of individual options and additions in the form of various plugins and payment methods, integration of the postal service, as well as compatibility with JomSocial, etc.
In addition to all these benefits, this component is one of the most stable of its kind and it speaks for itself!
The restriction on access to content and files.
Additional extra settings for groups of users.
A custom registration form.
Reports on membership.
A fixed period of validity and periodic renewal.
Export of data.
Monetization of the project.
Translation Manager