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RSFirewall! – probably the best firewall for Joomla


Protection from the constant attacks on your server does not happen a lot, so we are probably, the best tool to block is a component called RSFirewall!. This set of extensions to simplify the configuration of the hosting and the Joomla system to identify and fix various vulnerabilities in the popular CMS. All you need is to install the component and configure it 1 time.


After installing the extension, go to the component Manager and looking for the name of RSFirewall!.

We consider only the basic settings, as a huge number of them and find out all you need to.

First, go to the first tab of the component and look at the system analysis system. Here we publish information about target resources in the last 30 days.

Next, the system tab check all files and folders, whether they are degrees of protection and what changes you need to make to them. In red are highlighted the points that need to be corrected, and the green ones that are already solved. To run the validation process can be very simple – by clicking on the button in the top of the screen in this tab.

All the data about how to edit the files, folders, etc. to the red color changed to green, you’ll find the documentation from the developer of the plugin, but we will give some examples a must!

For example, you can correct the files that need it just by clicking on the green button (it is located immediately after explaining the vulnerability – you have to press once on the green arrow).

Next is the verification tab of the database and its optimization. All transactions are recorded in real time, so it’s easy to check the status on the right side of the interface.

Now take a closer look at the configuration tab of the firewall. In order to use geolocation and prohibit, say, anonymous proxy servers to go to your website, as well as people from certain countries, you need to place a tick next to a particular item, and you can also download the file to determine the location and place it in a folder on the server with your component /administrator/components/com_rsfirewall/assets/geoip/. More details can be found by clicking on the link shown in this tab.

Also note the tabs inside of the item. Here you can configure parameters such as the active scanner, the scan of main files, change information about the resource Manager and more.

I recommend to set the checkbox next to protect the user from any changes – that way you protect yourself from any invasion and modify the data of the site administrator. You can also put extensions which are forbidden for use during uploading them to the server.

So you are not kicked out of the system during any manipulation with the component, set its IP address to the white list. There is a separate tab. You can also make the IP addresses in the blacklist.


The opportunity to put IP to block unwanted resources.
Checking a component all the main characteristics of security and Troubleshooting.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.


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