Ночной режим / Night mode

The search module included with Joomla, it is not easy to use, so many webmasters try to improve the tool to display the found material with other extensions. Consider one of them – the search module RokAjaxSearch called.


What he actually is?
This module extends the functionality of a traditional search through the use of javascript libraries. Integration Mootools and Google search. RokAjaxSearch offers the user a real-time search as a content of Joomla, and find the information through Google.
Advanced plugin settings allow you to choose the most appropriate options to display, such as searching all over the Internet to Google, search for blogs, images, videos, etc.
Search in real-time (loading the results via Ajax).
Various sources of selection: search on the Joomla site or on the Internet.
Numerous options module: search blogs, pictures, videos…
Excellent ease of use: advanced settings for intuitive navigation.