Script for RoboTask – transliteration of the text into English

Every webmaster, copywriter, and many people have to transliterate the text using special software or manually score the data (which is not very time-saving, so to speak). Today we look at the script that will be created with the help of RoboTask. This program not only stands out for its functionality, but also offers a truly great opportunity.
Скрипт для RoboTask

Why put third-party extensions, utilities, etc., because we have RoboTask.
So, let’s create action. To move this into the program and click on the button with a plus sign.
By default we tab Actions, we need tab Local variables. Here we can set the values for the variables for multiple, which is not very convenient to do inside tab Actions.
To create a variable within the program and which is created only during the execution of the script (that’s why they call it local), we write the following: in one line text that you type type VarName = Var Value. That means that a variable VarName, we set the value of Var’s Value. Simply put, we need to create several variables with values of the letters of the Latin alphabet (or English, whichever you prefer).
In the picture above shows how it is possible to enter multiple values for variables.
Go ahead…
Go back to the tab with the operations and put the copy and cut text. These actions, as well as how to implement them, see old lessons will not be repeated.
Then we need to create the operation which will include our local variables and insert them into the text being copied, substituting the required values. That is, we need to cut and paste text instead of the already prepared transliterated text.
Take action STR Replace to swap the values of the letters. For each letter you need to create your own operation.
Looking for copy in the text of Russian letter A and insert instead the English letter A. Note that the value Replacement want to set a ready variable (which we created at the beginning of the lesson).
Now insert the text with the changed value to the clipboard using the action Put Text.
And the value of the inserted text take the variable you have created with the preceding action (which is Addison’s disease).
The same operation is produced and with subsequent letters (b,C,d,e…), but the value of the clipboard will be constantly changing, as for each action we need to insert new values.
I think the principle is clear – repeat the operation with the alphabet.
For some values of the type space, the letters I, b, b can set its variables. Just above shows how to reproduce it on a real example.
Let’s say you’re on the button. Now you need to take the last variable that we have collected all the above, and paste the modified text where you wish, for example, a text file.

Скрипт для RoboTask